Sewing Bee Hoi An

Shop #11 Hoi An Cloth Market,Tran Phu & Hoang Dieu Sts, Hoi An Vietnam

Telephone: +84 905 204 785


SewingBee Hoi An

There are some people who prefer to choose this or that style or trend, adopt it and have it work just fine.  But most of us would like to have some assistance in the selection and feed back for "a Look" to make our own.  That's why we have so many Fashion Magazines


  One need only look at different Fashion Mags to see that different designers see Fashion heading in different directions ..... sometimes radically different directions and we live in an age when people are not bound by tradition or peer pressure to select a style that "definitely does not suit".

It makes sense then to select

from the various designs, one

that enhances, even flatters what Mother Nature has given each of us.